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The SU90 Sonar is made with no compromises. The number of channels has been increased by 50% compared to the SX90 Sonar giving the sonar an even better performance in selectivity and range. Its operational frequency is 20 to 30 kHz. The narrow opening angle (4,9° at 30 kHz) and the increased source level (3dB) makes the SU90 the most powerful and highest resolution low frequency sonar on the market today.

The narrow beam makes the SU90 even more ideal for searching fish close to the bottom or close to the surface at long ranges. Also it will give a far better vertical view with less “bottom climbing” that is seen on sonars with a wider beam. The SU90 is equipped with the celebrated signal processing seen on the SX90 such as Hyperbolic FM transmission giving the user a clutter free picture with very high resolution in range.

The higher source level (3dB higher than SX90) will increase the detection range and enhance the detected echoes in general. How much longer range is almost impossible to calculate as temperature layers, salinity, bottom hardness, target strength and sea conditions will never be the same for a good comparison. However, the sonar will have a longer range than the SX90.

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Simrad SN90 can be configured as a forward looking multibeam sonar for trawlers. The unique flexibility of the SN90 enables it to be used at almost any fishery depending on how the transducer is installed. Mounted forward looking the SN90 can be used as a trawling sonar. The display software is then oriented forward during installation. The SN90 transducer can be fixed to the hull or bulb like a regular echosounder’s transducer or mounted on a hull unit when fishing in ice or other hazards. The sonar beams are pointing forward only in a 120 degree swath, taking the propeller noise out of the equation.

A full vertical slice as well as five inspection split beams can be individually trained and tilted to the user's needs. Stack the five beams on top of each other or spread them out to inspect to any side. A bottom detector and bottom expansion has been included in the presentation of the 5 inspection beams. This will enable the user to detect fish close to the bottom forward of the vessel and have more time to decide before the fish reaches the trawl. The SN90 is a chirp wideband sonar/echosounder transmitting and receiving between 70-110 kHz.

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