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From personal inflation systems, environmental control and fire suppression subsystems, to broadcast and communication of the Volvo Ocean Race. Cobham’s products can be found aboard civil vessels of every size and purpose – from luxury yachts to the largest cargo transports and cruise ships.

Voice & data comms boost for workboats moving to new Iridium Certus satellite services with SAILOR 4300 system in 2018

Iridium CertusSM is an innovative portfolio of global satellite services powered by Iridium® NEXT, a ground-breaking second-generation L-band global satellite constellation established to deliver an uncompromising solution for the future of global maritime communications. The SAILOR 4300 is a Broadband Core Transceiver (BCX) type terminal, offering a highly reliable link to the Iridium® NEXT satellite network with speeds suitable for data-heavy applications on Iridium CertusSM services including; videoconferencing, multi-user Internet/VPN, IoT and telemedicine, alongside regular usage including email, electronic forms/reporting and crew communication.

Bandwidth-hungry data applications and high quality voice calling have already been successfully tested with the SAILOR 4300 and Iridium CertusSM services at Cobham SATCOM’s development facility in Denmark, using the world’s first vessel motion simulator for communication antennas to replicate conditions at sea while linked to Iridium® NEXT satellites already in orbit. As the International Workboat Show starts, Cobham engineers are installing the first SAILOR 4300 system for live trials on the fishing vessel ‘Karbak’ out of Hanstholm in Denmark, which will operate in the North Sea in the coming months while connected to the Iridium® NEXT network.

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